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A double sprig
Living wicker fence

Flexible and strong at the same time, the wicker suits very well all your projects of fencing, hedges, huts or gazebos.

Discover the attraction of those living sprigs that you can plait.

From the very first year your fence will reach the desired height and by springtime it will be covered in light foliage.

During the winter the decorative colour of its bark will charm you.

Undertaking of all your projects by our qualified staff.

 We provide living wicker plants.
Delivery is made using road transportation.

 Free estimate.




Wicker producer for decoration, basket-weaving and landscape.

 Specialised in the production of natural architecture:

- Fences, vegetable huts
- Landscape-hedges
- Bank-support
- Soundproof to road development

The wicker plants have various foliage colours and are strong, which is the reason why they are so much in demand. They also provide a variety of possibilities for the adventurous gardener.

Main cultivated varieties on our farm:

- Salix alba vitellina (yellow bark)
- Salix triandra the so-called Noir de Villaines (brown bark)

Other varieties:

- Salix viminalis (green bark)
- Salix purpurea (purple bark)
- Salix fragilis (red bark)

The wicker is characterised by a fast rooting action.

The wicker can be planted from May to December.

We take infinite care of our plants so that they can best suit every desired usage.